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MAK Corp was founded by Daniel Gray, an F1 fan that knew everything you need to know about the racers, cars, and circuits showcased in every F1 event around the world. After some time, the passion for F1 racing was expanded by the desire to know more about the world of sport races, so he followed his passion and became a fan of NASCAR, MotoGP and many other events that focused on auto sports races.

After a while, he became an expert in every subject related to sport races events, so he decided to create a site not only to bring news and the latest trends regarding F1 and other events, but also to find a way to earn money by betting at the right racer in the right time to make some serious profit.

MAK Corp was born with these ideals in mind, and with the assistance of a really good team of writers, we’ve been able to accomplish most of our goals. MAK Corp is actually known for being the most complete articles and analysis pieces regarding F1 Racing.

The website also gives advice and tips on how to bet better, including details you should know when you are about to place a bet. MAK Corp has become the favorite place for many readers to get useful information about the latest news and the best information in betting. We still have a long road to walk, but MAK Corp is already one of the sites in this field to receive a great number of visitors on a daily basis.