Advertising and Contributing

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MAK Corp knows many of the readers that visit us every day, and they are one of the reasons that we keep pushing ourselves, not only maintain but to increase the quality and professionalism that we show in every single article that we write.

We can’t say that is has been an easy road, but knowing how rewarding the experience is, and how grateful can our readers are, truly means a lot to us. That’s why here in MAK Corp, we are implementing a donate option, so all the readers who want to show their care and contribution to this site can make it in a simpler way.

We also don’t take for granted the help from all the readers that visit us and share our articles with their family and friends, which also help us to expand our site and get new readers every day. Due to that fact, MAK Corp is gaining a lot of visitors daily.

This can be the best moment to invest in advertisement, so we’re inviting every investor who is smart enough to see the opportunity to give us a call about running ads in MAK Corp. We are also keen to negotiate with another funding source that decides to join MAK Corp as well.

We want to share the success of MAK Corp and create win-win situations for our investors and for ourselves as well. This is an opportunity that you can’t miss. If you are searching for a site to invest, don’t think it twice and contact us.