In the US, sports betting were banned for more than 20 years. This was until the United States Supreme Court dictated a law to legalize it, due to the fact that prohibiting them, it’s an unconstitutional act. Therefore, sports betting have resurfaced once again. MAK Corp proudly presents some things to know about how the Supreme Court lifted the federal ban on sports betting:

The Trial

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The trial where it was accepted the ratification to legalize sports betting had as petitioner, the state of New Jersey, and as the defendant, the national sports leagues of the United States such as the MLB or NBA, among other leagues.

It’s Unconstitutional

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The Supreme Court of the United States in the final verdict said the prohibition of these sports bets in all 52 states in the country is unconstitutional, since all the states that make the country can act freely and in an independent way.

Places with License

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There are 4 casinos in the United States that already have a license to be sports betting centers. One of them is the World Catskills Resorts. The Monmouth Park Racetrack is also a few days away from receiving the license to enable their sports betting centers.

A Repealed Law

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When ruling the decision to legalize sports betting, the previous law that banned them for more than 20 years, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Law, is automatically repealed. Therefore, all the states that are part of the US now have the authority to legalize it (if they want it) these types of bets through this law.


Final Decision Decided

Now, through the enactment of the legalization of sports betting, the Supreme Court still needs to decide on what kind of bets are accepted. This will be in addition to establishing the procedure for the approval of licenses to casinos or places that request to make sports bets.

The Good Side

race track - 6 Things to Know About How the Supreme Court Lifted the Federal Ban on Sports Betting

The legalization of these types of bets also has a beneficial side for the country, due to the taxes these places would begin to generate. We are talking about billions of dollars per year throughout the country when it’s finally legalized in all states. There are states that are already analyzing the enactment of laws in favor of sports betting, such as Oregon, Pennsylvania or Mississippi.

This decision was totally valid since it should be remembered that the US states are totally independent, and by prohibiting something so trivial, it’s violating certain constitutional rights of those states that want to enact their own laws as independent states.

The world of betting is very successful worldwide, especially sports betting. Since sports are something that catches so many people from different continents, turning them into truly fanatics, people tend to bet using their heart, but you can do better. If you want to start your sports betting career, here are some tips to make it big:

First Call

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The betting area is very broad, and one of the biggest and busiest in the world is the sports betting. So, before placing your first bet, you have to think about which sport and which team you are going to bet on. In case of betting on very successful teams, it’s crucial to recognize that if the winning matches are more than the lost ones, possibly the amount of profit will be small in comparison to betting on teams with less popularity.

How to Bet

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Bets can be made in different ways: Betting the team you choose will win, lose or draw. Even in sports betting, you can bet about what would be the final result the scoreboard would throw. This would obviously increase the profit you would win since it’s somewhat riskier.

If the final result goes over the approximate amount you betted on, you lose the bet even if your team has won or lost. You can also bet about the results the match will have until halftime in any sport, which is very common in soccer bets.


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This new type of betting is something that is being seen a lot now, which is when people don’t place their sports bets directly in a banking or a betting center, but they bet among themselves through groups that are formed between them.

Advantages and Disadvantages

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Sports betting have two sides; the first is about the advantages it has, where you can earn a lot of money effortlessly and easily, just by betting on the team you want. And in case you forecast the result will become true, definitely earning free money is not a bad thing, even if you bet on less known teams and they win, definitely the earning will be higher.

In regards to the disadvantages, the probability of betting being sometimes influenced by pure luck is present. It’s unpredictable to know which team will win when you bet on 5 teams, if only 1 of them loses, you lost all the bets you have made. Even if you bet for a team like Real Madrid or Barcelona, nothing is certain.

We understand that sport betting is something that has grown in popularity, and there are many people who have been obsessed by betting in such a way that it became common for them to develop an addiction. Bets are gaining more and more strength around the world, and recently in the US the legalization of sports bets was allowed, which will definitely increase what the world of betting would be like in the years to come.